Longlevens Junior


‘A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives’.

At LJS, we are on an exciting journey with our Geography curriculum. Our aim is to do exactly what the quote above - from the National Curriculum - states. Through a Geography topic every other half term, the school will embark on a tour of the world, from the slums of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to rivers in Iceland, from the city of Tokyo to our suburb of Longlevens. 

In Year 3, children build firm foundations for the learning in subsequent years by studying settlements and tectonic and climatic processes. In Year 4, students will draw on this foundation when learning about rivers, migration patterns and the impact of natural resources on communities. This leads into the study, by our Year 5 children, of how slums occur. The Year 5 pupils also develop their understanding of physical processes through a ‘biomes’ unit along with the importance of energy, where it comes from and how greater sustainability can be achieved. Before heading to pastures new, our Y6 cohort, after carrying out a Local Fieldwork study, broaden their horizons by studying population and globalisation.

All in all, a busy and fun year awaits the children of LJS as they feed their curiosity and become well-equipped Geographers.


Autumn Term 2 - 2021

The children are very much looking forward to studying their first Geography unit of the new academic year. After October half term, each year group will enjoy a 6-week block of Geography:

Year 3: Villages, Town and Cities

Year 4: Rivers

Year 5: Slums (Europe)

Year 6: Local Fieldwork

Below, you will see photos from previous years. We look forward to updating the page in Term 2!

Year 6 Fieldwork

Year 6 studied Fieldwork in their Geography lessons. Below, you will see the children conducting a traffic count in Longlevens, in order to answer the question: How busy is Church Road?




Geography Around the School

The children have finished their first Geography Unit of the year. The photos below show the work books for each year group.

 Year 3: Villages, Towns & Cities                     Year 4: Rivers


Year 5: Slums                                                                  Year 6: Local Fieldwork