Longlevens Junior

Design and Technology

“Design and technology is a phenomenally important subject. Logical, creative and practical, it’s the only opportunity students have to apply what they learn in maths and science”

- James Dyson

At LJS, children take part in a variety of exciting Design and Technology activities that help them to develop a range of practical skills. From Egyptian Shadufs in Year 3 to using programming to create fair-ground rides in Year 6, DT enables children to use their imagination and problem solving skills to design and make wonderful products. Our aim is to ensure that children’s learning in Design and Technology is progressively built upon in each year group and that they leave us with knowledge and skills which they can apply in real life situations.


Y4 making bread like the Roman soldiers used to do, (kind of)!

Recipe Here we go...

 Working together Feels great

Mix and knead My turn

 Look at this

 Knead the dough Ready to rise

Ready to prove Wait and see

The final result

Year 5 Houmous Making