Longlevens Junior

Y4 Autumn Books

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Look what Y4 found on the school grounds! After lots of detective work we believe it belongs to The Iron Man!

What on earth is this?!!

What is this?!!


Our working wall is used to guide and record our work from most lessons.


Our Working Wall


We wrote letters to Hogarth, a boy in the story, to give him advice about his Iron Man problem!

Hogarth's letters


We thought of how to describe our own Iron Man style creatures using expanded noun phrases.


Newspaper strips 


We were also newspaper reporters...




Look at the introduction to one of our very own stories based on the book ...


Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold


Next came Tar Beach, a story about a young girl called Cassie who lives in New York. 




After reading the book we created this beautiful quilt, just like Cassie did in the book.




'FArTHER' by Grahame Baker-Smith. 


We enjoyed designing our own flying machines as the characters do in 'FArTHER' by Grahame Baker-Smith.