Longlevens Junior

Forest School Dates

Please send your child to school with a long sleeved top, trousers/joggers, wellies and an additional coat that may potentially become muddy or damaged due to the very practical nature of forest school activities.  Several layers are required during the colder months. 

If you are unable to provide your child with an additional coat for forest school we will presume you are happy for them to wear the coat that they wear to and from school, even though it may get damaged. 

 Term 2 Timetable

Tuesday 07.11.2023 Osprey, Kestrel, Elm 
Wednesday 08.11.23 Cotswold, Severn, Rowan 
Tuesday 14.11.2023 Osprey, Kestrel, Elm 
Wednesday 15.11.23 Cotswold, Severn, Rowan,
Tuesday 21.11.23 Osprey, Kestrel, Elm 
Wednesday 22.11.23 Cotswold, Severn, Rowan 
Tuesday 28.11.23 Osprey, Kestrel, Beech
Wednesday 29.11.23 Cotswold, Severn, Juniper
Tuesday 05.12.23 Kestrel, Osprey, Beech
Wednesday 06.12.23 Cotswold, Severn, Juniper
Tuesday 12.12.23 Kestrel, Osprey, Beech
Wednesday 13.12.23 Cotswold, Severn, Juniper
Tuesday 19.12.23 Kestrel, Osprey, Beech
Wednesday 20.12.23 Cotswold, Severn, Juniper