Longlevens Junior

Online Safety Team

At LJS we have an active Online Safety Team which this page is about.

For online safety support click here.

What do we do?

We work together to keep the school community as safe as possible online. We achieve this through a variety of means including: regular meetings, information stands at parent's evenings, workshops, information in newsletters, lessons in school and assemblies.

Who are we?


All children are invited to apply for the role of Online Safety Team member for their class each year. This year the following children were appointed

3G Ava
3W Toby
3EF Hermione
3C Lilymae
4H Emily
4B Alfie
4J Falon
4BW Holly
5H Freya
5P Blake
5W Monty
5C Oscar
6J Toby
6A Kai
6C Theebika
6K Harry


Mrs Sharpe (Online Safety Leader)
Miss Allen (Designated Safeguarding Leader)
Mr Walters (Safeguarding governor)
Mr Harrower (Technical support)
Miss Allen, Miss Jones, Mrs Turner, Mrs Evans (LJS staff)

This term we have been focusing on:


  • Parent's evening information stand
  • Information in newsletters
  • School Website (Online safety support page update)